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VIVE Entertainment Enterprises

How we began


Vive Entertainment  was founded by Amoni Brown & Fendi WIlliams, Sisters who already dabbed in the industry. It started as managing talent and the dream spread to so much more





"To excel as a community & a team"

Vive Entertainment brings life to the world, brings hope for the youth, brings a change for the world. We help those in need while progressing our talents.



Our Work


Since 2012, we have performed services such as bookings, talent management, and website design and graphics.

TRADE: Music, Models, Blog, Promotions, Education, Management, Photography, Consulting, Videos, etc

Get in touch


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Ode 2 Brooklyn:

Female Empowermen Meet & Greet

A meeting of the minds


This SUNDAY December 7, 2014 from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm we will be having a Female Empowerment / meet and greet on Essex between Sutter and Blake Brooklyn NY 11208 / 11207. Due to recent events we need to assemble and create an avenue for each other. No crabs in a barrel and no one just riding coat tails. We all must work together equally to obtain our greater goals.


Curating the world artfully
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Instagram - Face painting by @vive_ent
Instagram - Vive Entertainment Enterprises LLC does photography services and edi
Instagram - Vive entertainment has connections to get you on set as a talent can
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Instagram - Created and photographed by #viveentertainment #viveent #vive follow
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